The Heroes of Los Angeles award ceremony held at the Church of Scientology of LA recognized those making positive change with effective solutions to drug abuse and homelessness, through the Foundation for a Drug-Free World.

The last weekend of October saw the first annual Heroes of Los Angeles Celebration honoring a group of Angelinos who have dedicated their lives to helping others and who are making real change in the world. The event was held at the Church of Scientology Los Angeles hosted by Betsy Davis, the Director of Public Outreach for Drug-Free World Los Angeles.

The event was a celebration for Red Ribbon Week, the nation’s oldest and largest drug prevention awareness program. It also marked the 15th anniversary of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World and commemorated fifteen years of dedicated drug education and drug abuse prevention activities internationally.

The event opened with this welcome, from Mrs. Davis, “Tonight, we are addressing the issue of drugs and their effects, and the inextricably connected problems of hunger and homelessness right here in Los Angeles.  But, as you’ll soon see, you, and everyone else here tonight, are not just talking about the issues.  All of you are do-ers.  You see the problems we have in our city, and you are doing something effective about it.”

A partner in this event was Mr. David Sanchez from Strike Out Against Drugs. He presented the awards to Greg Cullen, Hope for the Hurting; Everett Pickens, Power Consultants; LA Door; Agustus Charles, U.i.BEAM; Edward Ovalle, Sponsor-Nsponsee; Brenda Villanueva, Pueblo Y Salud and Frank Kelly, No Drugs America.

Heroes of Los Angeles AwardsThe keynote speaker was Mr. Michael DeLeon, a relentless advocate helping the addicted since the year 2000. In those 21 years, he has dedicated himself to a mission to educate youth to stay on the right path when it comes to serious life issues, especially drugs, gang involvement, and associated criminal activity.

He founded the non-profit Steered Straight, with a program that reaches out to children, teens, and young adults with a message of reality about life choices and the importance of consequential thinking so that they understand there are consequences to their actions.

DeLeon explains, “Reaching out to the youth of our communities is a duty we all share, but especially for the ex-offender. So few men and women come back from that path to help guide the young travelers of today. Steered Straight accomplishes that goal for both parties: the messengers of hope and the ears and eyes of youth.”