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David Sanchez = Strike Out Against Drugs

David Sanchez – Strike Out Against Drugs

David Sanchez is the founder and director of Los Angeles-based organization STRIKE OUT AGAINST DRUGS.  Born in Redondo Beach, California, David Sanchez began learning about drugs at age 9 when a neighbor offered him marijuana. By age 15, he was using harder drugs that first led to juvenile jail and eventually to multiple penitentiaries. The turning points came in 2012 when he finally conquered his addiction, and then in 2014 when he began building on his own knowledge and studies of addiction, and on ideas to develop and keep communities healthier, safer, and free of drugs.


Col. James Anderson, Ret. USMC

Col. James Anderson – CNOA (CA Narcotics Officers Association)

Col. James Anderson is a former Col. in the United States Marine Corps, serving 18 years, a Foundation Trustee of the Survivor Memorial Fund and a former California Narcotics Officers Association State Adjutant.

Frank Kelly, founder, No Drugs America Association

Frank Kelly – No Drugs America

Frank Kelly is the founder of the No Drugs America Association, incorporated in the year 2000 as a California non-profit public benefit organization. NDA’s primary drug prevention awareness message “Say It Loud, I Need No Drugs” has helped in NDA’s continued growth toward stopping illegal drug use before it starts.  NDA’s first event was the No Drugs America outdoor freeway billboard sign dedication ceremony which led to what is now known as our No Drugs America Day which is the third Saturday in March.  At this event, bicycles are given away to draw youths and their parents to educate them of the dangers of illegal street drugs and the illegal use of legal drugs.  Drug prevention information is handed out in a park setting to youths and their parents. To date NDA has had prevention assemblies in the pre-school elementary and junior high schools on drug prevention. 


Bishop L. J. Guillory, Ombudsman

Bishop Guillory – Ombudsman International

Bishop L. J. Guillory, the Ombudsman General of Ombudsman International Inc.  Former Deputy Mayor for the City of Lynwood

Pastor Karina Castro, Director - La Voz de mi Ciudad

Karina Castro – Voz de mi Ciudad

Pastor Karina Castro, Director of La Voz de mi Ciudad, a faith ministry.  Working together with ministers and people of faith to bring the Gospel of Jesus Crist through the internet and different platforms, spreading the good news.


Isaac Asberry, Teen Intervention Program

Isaac Asberry – Teen Intervention Program

Isaac Asberry, CEO of the Teen Intervention Program.  Isaac entered the United States Coast Guard, in 1974. Upon being honorably discharged, he began his employment with the Federal Bureau of Prison in 1978, as a correctional officer. He retired from the Bureau of Prisons as a Lieutenant in 1994. While employed with the Bureau of Prisons he received a number of awards and certification for his training with Disruptive Prison Groups, Special Investigation of Crucial Incidents and in firearms.

Isaac currently serves as the CEO/Founder of the Teen Intervention Program (TIP). The Teen Intervention Program is a non-profit organization developed in 2008, to help identify and address the problems that children in the Los Angeles County area face, that include poor social skills, inferior academic education, abuse of alcohol and other illicit substances, and gang affiliation. 


Coach Cornell Ward, Unity One Foundation, Saving Lives by Promoting Peace, Love, & Respect

Coach Cornell Ward, Unity One Foundation, Saving Lives by Promoting Peace, Love, & Respect

While homicides in the area used to average 1,300 per year, in mid 1992 Unity One created a peace agreement between rival gang members from Mid Town and Jefferson Park areas which resulted in a drop in the average number of homicides to 35 per year. Since 2007-2008 Unity One began to track its effectiveness in the communities served. Aggravated assaults in that area, a key indicator of violence, went from 157 in 2008 to 89 in 2009, a reduction of 43%. Because of this drop in violence, kids are playing in parks again and walking safely to school. The community is regaining the confidence to live, work, and play without fear of constant violence.